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  1. The Wave System
  2. Data Correction and Certification Reports
  3. Data Use (including Teacher Dashboards and Data Tools)
  4. State Longitudinal Data System Grant
  5. P20 (including early childhood)
  6. Data Governance
  7. Data Privacy and Security
  8. Federal Reporting and the Common Education Data Standards
  9. Reporting and Analysis

In order to support the mission of the State Department of Education, the office of Student Information has the following goals:

  • To support teachers with the information they need to improve learning in their classrooms and outcomes for their students.
  • To support students and their parents with the information they need to guide their decisions and to empower students to improve their education; to ensure that students graduate being college-, career- and citizen-ready (C3); and to improve students' chances of achieving the post-high school goals they have set for themselves.
  • To support administrators and lawmakers with the information they need to target resources where they are needed and to support programs that have the biggest impact on student outcomes.

To reach these goals, the SDE needs to strengthen the quality of the data in its state Student Information System and the system’s capacity to support analysis and reporting.

In addition, the SDE is working to increase transparency and security so that our schools, teachers, students, parents and the public are fully aware of the data the state collects, how the data are used, and what the state is doing to protect the privacy of our students, their families and our school personnel.

Finally, the SDE is working to reduce the overall administrative burden on districts for data reporting and certification while also allowing students’ data to follow them to new schools when their families move or change schools.

In an effort to continuously improve the SDE Student Information System, there is a vehicle for you to provide feedback on any of these pages via the feedback form at the bottom. Also, please return to the Student Information pages on the SDE website often for updated information.



Last updated on June 23, 2014