Accreditation Standards Division

The mission of the Accreditation Standards Division is

Service        To increase student learning and achievement.
Leadership  To promote the improvement of the common Schools of Oklahoma.
Regulation   To maintain necessary Standard

Standards for Accreditation of Oklahoma Schools (pdf)
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Statement of the Standard

Oklahoma schools have the responsibility of meeting the educational needs of all students, providing equitable educational opportunities, and fostering lifelong learning as they prepare to participate in a democratic society. In order to establish priorities, aid in decision making, and provide an effective basis for a comprehensive and continuous evaluation, each school site shall develop and maintain a written statement of the philosophy and goals to be served by educational programs that are based on the belief that all students can learn. The school's philosophy and goals must reflect consensus among the school site, the community, the local Board, and the school staff. The educational programs shall address the academic, personal/social, and career/vocational development of students as they prepare for the future.
Oklahoma Administrative Code (O.A.C.) 210:35-3-1

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Days to Hours

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Statutory Waiver and Deregulation Application

  • Statutory Waiver/Deregulation Application Instructions (PDF)  

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Accreditation Applications 

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Subject Codes


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ACE College Preparatory Curriculum Opt Out List (On the Accreditation Application)

Oklahoma Honor Society

Schools are still required to send their annual Nomination Form of Honor Society students to the OSDE Accreditation Division.

In addition to OSDE providing pre-printed Oklahoma Honor Society certificates upon request, each school site/district may decide to print these certificates locally using their own parchment/other paper.  The templates may be accessed through Single Sign-On and by clicking on the Accreditation section.


Accountability at a Glance

This calendar is provided to assist school administrators with reporting. Both state and federal reporting dates are listed by month and for the entire year. Accountability at a Glance is updated periodically.


High School Diplomas Issued by the State Department of Education

Any Oklahoma Resident who has been admitted to any accredited Oklahoma college or university may be awarded a high school diploma by the State Department of Education within this state, provided that such person has successfully completed at least thirty (30) hours of college work at an accredited college or university.  Title 70 O.S. § 24-116


Interlocal Cooperatives

The boards of education of any two or more school districts may enter into an interlocal cooperative agreement for the purpose of jointly and comparatively performing any of the services, duties, functions, activities, obligations or responsibilities which are authorized or required by law to be performed by school districts of this state. Two or more school districts may enter into an interlocal cooperative agreement for the purpose of forming buying pools and purchasing cooperatives. As used in this section, "interlocal cooperative agreement" means an agreement which is entered into by the boards of education of two or more school districts from entering into cooperative agreements authorized under Section 5-117 of this title or interfere with existing cooperative agreements between school districts.

Title 70 O.S. § 5-117b


Perfect Attendance Certificates

As a testimonial for Punctual and Regular Attendance, having been neither absent nor tardy during a school year, the State of Oklahoma awards a "Certificate of Honor" for perfect attendance.

The school principal should submit a letter requesting the number of Perfect Attendance Certificates of Honor that are needed for your site.


Charter School Training

Charter School training sessions are conducted biannually, please contact School Choice at (405) 522-8297 for the dates.

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Local School Boards of Education

Public schools in Oklahoma are governed by a local board of education and are elected by the public. School Board Members are required by Oklahoma law to have education in specific areas.  The points will be updated at the end of every month. 

Local School Board Member Training Points (size 15MB) (May 1, 2014)

In order to be elected to a school board, candidates must meet qualifications established in Oklahoma statutes. In addition to meeting established qualifications, a board member must comply with the Oklahoma nepotism laws.


  1. File for Office: First Monday through Wednesday, December
  2. Elections: Second Tuesday, February
  3. Runoff Elections: First Tuesday, April


Annual School Board Membership Report for Public School Districts (blank form)   PDF | DOC

After each year’s February elections and no later than March 15, each local school district superintendent must submit a completed Annual School Board Membership Report to the Accreditation Division of the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  Superintendents should also submit this report any time there is a change in their local board membership such as a resignation or newly appointed member.  If a school board seat run-off election is required, the membership report is due by April 30.  



To file for the position of locally elected school board member, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. The individual must have been a registered voter with the county election board at an address located within the geographical boundaries of the district for six months preceding the first day of the filing period.  (26 O.S. 13A-106)
  2. The individual must have resided within the local school district for at least six months preceding the first day of the filing period.  (26 O.S. 13A-106)
  3. In school districts that are divided into election districts, a candidate must have resided in the district for at least six months preceding the first day of the filing period and have been a registered voter registered with the county election board at an address located within the geographical boundaries of the election district for six months preceding the first day of the filing period.  (26 O.S. 13A-106)
  4. The individual cannot have been convicted of, or have plead guilty or no contest to, a felony under state or federal law or a misdemeanor involving embezzlement. Any person having a record of any of these crimes is ineligible to file for the school board position during the pending of any appeal or for a period of 15 years following completion of sentence.  (26 O.S. 5-105a)
  5. The individual must have been awarded a high school diploma or certificate of high school equivalency in order to be a candidate for or elected to serve on a board of education.  (26 O.S. 13A-106)
  6. An incumbent school board member must have completed continuing education prior to the date set for filing for reelection to the same board seat.
  • Nine hours for board members serving 3-year terms;
  • Twelve hours for board members serving 4-year terms; and
  • Fifteen hours for board members serving 5-year or 7-year terms.
  1. Failure by the board member to have satisfied the continuing education requirements shall result in the ineligibility of the member to run for reelection  (70 O.S. 5-110.1)
  2. The individual must not be related within the second degree by blood or marriage to a current school district employee or current member of the board of education of the district for which the candidate is seeking office. (It is also illegal to hire a relative within the second degree.) See Nepotism Chart (70 O.S. 5-113)


New School Board Members (70 O.S. 5-110)


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Oklahoma First Year Superintendents

The State Board of Education reaffirms its commitment to provide support and services to school superintendents in Oklahoma. To assist first-year superintendents in the state in providing their respective districts with maximum leadership, efficient management, and strong educational programs, the following professional development requirements shall be met by each superintendent employed for the first time in the state of Oklahoma as a district superintendent:

Meet qualifications for a Provisional or Standard School Superintendent Certificate. During the first year as a superintendent, attend the following eleven (11) days of professional development training seminars:

1 day: Attend a regular meeting of the Oklahoma State Board of Education.
2 days: Attend the Oklahoma Administrators' Annual Conference.
8 days: Attend State Department of Education professional development training seminars scheduled throughout the school year.

  • Superintendent/Board of Education Relationship
  • Legal Issues/School Law/Open Meeting Laws
  • Staff Relationship
  • Community Relationship
  • Plant Management/School Facilities
  • Setting School District/Site Goals

The Standard or Provisional School Superintendent Certificate issued for the first year of employment as a district superintendent shall be considered invalid for the second year if the certificate holder has not met all the requirements identified above prior to the second year of employment as a district superintendent. Any district superintendent employed after the annual summer conference has been offered shall enter the program at the point of employment and shall attend all training requirements as listed above. Verification of training shall be submitted to the director of the program at the State Department of Education. A certificate will be provided to superintendents upon completion of the training requirements.

Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers (pdf)

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Frequently Asked Questions



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Class Size Section 397-399 (70 O.S. § 18-113.1-18-113.3)
Corporal Punishment Alternative Section 153 (70 O.S. § 6-113.1)
Curricular Standards Section 244 (70 O.S. § 11-103.6)
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Home School    
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Transfers Section 201.1-204 (70 O.S. § 8-104)
Withholding Student Records Section 553 (51 O.S. § 24A.16)
Oklahoma State Statutes for Children   Title 10 or 10A of Oklahoma Statute

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