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Jessica Brown
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10/05/12                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


Oklahoma Uniform Crime Report Available

The OSBI has published the 2011 Oklahoma Uniform Crime Report. Inside you will find a reporting of what the FBI determines are the eight major or index crimes. The report covers crimes in specific areas of Oklahoma, by race of arrested individual, time of year offense committed, etc. For example, the report indicates the crime of larceny (theft) is the most prevalent of the index crimes and has risen slightly in the past year. Violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) in the state have decreased slightly in the state even though murder has risen.

The UCR is a helpful guide to determine trends in crimes with a comparative analysis of past years, which allows law enforcement to direct its efforts in areas of need. The numbers are collected by 319 law enforcement agencies in the state and then sent to the OSBI. The Bureau also submits these findings to the FBI for a similar, national review of information pertaining to crime trends across the country. You can find a copy of the Oklahoma UCR at