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For Release:  January 8, 2013 - Pamela Williams, Office of Communications - 405/271-5601
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Certified Healthy Oklahoma Annual Award Winners Announced

As part of an effort to create healthy places in Oklahoma to live, work, learn and play, today the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH), along with the Oklahoma Academy, The State Chamber, and the Oklahoma Turning Point Council announced the annual award winners for the state Certified Healthy Oklahoma programs. This year, 979 applications were submitted from groups throughout the state, and 755 award winners received the “Certified Healthy” status in the categories of Certified Healthy Businesses, Certified Healthy Restaurants, Certified Healthy Schools, Certified Healthy Campuses, and Certified Healthy Communities. For the list of award winners, visit the OSDH website at www.health.ok.gov.

An awards ceremony honoring the winners will be held on Feb. 28, 2013, at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

 “The Certified Healthy Oklahoma programs are an important component in improving Oklahoma’s health outcomes,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Terry Cline. “I am pleased that we continue to see an increase in applicants each year who want to be a part of the “Shape Your Future” effort to make the healthy choice the easy choice. This demonstrates a real and encouraging commitment on the part of businesses, restaurants, schools, campuses and communities to improve the health of Oklahomans across the state.”

The Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business Program recognizes Oklahoma businesses that provide health and wellness opportunities and are working to improve the health status of Oklahomans. To be certified, businesses must meet specific criteria, including providing employee health screenings, workplace health and nutrition education, opportunities for physical exercise activities, management support for healthy workplace environments, tobacco use prevention activities, and sharing wellness activities within their respective communities.

The Certified Healthy Restaurant application criteria are similar to the business application.  In addition, restaurant applications for 2012 could not have unresolved health inspection violations.

Application criteria for Certified Healthy Schools include the availability of health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, counseling, psychological and social services, healthy and safe school environment, health promotion for staff, and community involvement being offered at a school site.

The Certified Healthy Campus category certifies college campuses or career technology centers that create a safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. The American College Health Association’s “Standards for Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education” helped set the criteria for the campus certification.

The Certified Healthy Community category includes addressing such issues as tobacco and alcohol use prevention, improving nutrition and physical activity, addressing built environments and transportation, health services, and community education offered within a community site. Points for support for safe routes to schools and farmer’s markets were included.

For more information about any of the Certified Healthy Oklahoma programs, contact Victoria Gaddis, OSDH Community Development Services, (405) 271-9444, ext. 56433, or email Victoriag@health.ok.gov.

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