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Update - March 10, 2008

 Operation Cooperation

The Operation Cooperation concept is based on researched examples across the nation, of how shared resources of training, intelligence, hard assets, and extra eyes and ears on the street have been a force amplifier for private and public agencies. While Operation Cooperation is not a new concept, it is new to Oklahoma and is being promoted by the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training, as governing body over peace officers and security officers.

The concept began with as a project with the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) entitled "Guidelines for Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Private Security Organizations" and has been supported by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Sheriff’s Association and the American Society for Industrial Security.

CLEET established a sub-committee in February, 2008, to develop a program and test pilot programs in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties in an effort to establish relationships between public and private sectors in the interest of increased security for the citizens of Oklahoma.  Immediately potential benefits were identified by law enforcement and the private sector.

The committee will work directly with private agencies and law enforcement departments to advance the program. In the future, the committee will began reaching out to other communities to explain the program and offer suggestions for communities that may want to establish their own programs. Watch the web-site for additional updates as this project continues.


William J. (Bill) Price, CEO (Project Chair), Agency - Safety & Security Services, Inc. (A Price Company)

Daria D. Butler, Director of Security, Agency - The Oklahoman

James Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief, Agency - Oklahoma City Police Department

P. D. Taylor, Under sheriff. Agency - Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office


Ron Palmer, Chief of Police, Agency - Tulsa Police Department

Bill Bass, Captain, Agency - Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Vic Meyer, CPP, Director of Security, Agency - Grace Security

John Cartwright, Branch Manager, Agency - Securitas


James Burton, Investigator, Agency - CLEET


Last updated/reviewed October 6, 2008