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UPDATE - AUGUST 20, 2008 - 2008 Continuing Education Mandates

2008 Continuing Education Mandates 

1.  Senate Bill 920, effective November 1, 2007, requires all certified peace officers to obtain  25 hours of CLEET accredited continuing education for calendar year 2008.

2.  Of the 25 hours mentioned in Item 1, above, at least  two (2) hours must be on mental health issues.

3.  O.S. 70, §3311.5 (C) states:  “By January 1, 2012, every active full-time peace officer, previously certified by CLEET pursuant to Section 3311 of this title, shall be required to attend and complete the evidence-based sexual assault and sexual violence training provided in subsection B of this section.”  Subsection B requires six (6) hours of sexual assault and sexual violence training.

4.  O.S. 70, §3311 (B) 14 authorized  CLEET to promulgate a state firearms requalification standard for active peace officers.  Accordingly, CLEET Rules, 390: 27-1-1 through 27-1-6 guide mandatory, annual requalifications.