Title VI

Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)

Program Purpose:  This program is designed to assist rural districts in using federal resources more effectively to improve the quality of instruction and student academic achievement. It consists of two separate programs - The Small, Rural School Achievement (SRSA) program and the Rural and Low-Income Schools (RLIS) program. The SRSA program provides eligible districts with greater flexibility in using the formula grant funds they receive under certain state-administered federal programs (REAP-Flex) and authorizes formula direct grant awards to these districts. The RLIS program authorizes formula grant awards to states to make subgrants to eligible districts. Districts may use RLIS funds to support a broad array of local activities that support student achievement.

Program Statute:  Public Law 107 - 110 § 6201 - 6224

Funding Source:  Federal

Amount of Funding FY12:  RLIS: $3,517,079
REAP-Flex: Formula Direct Awards from USDE

Distribution:  Non-competitive
$3,342632 Allocated to Local Education Agencies
$174,447 Reserved for State Education Agency administration

Eligible Recipients:  Eligibility for the SRSA program is determined by average daily attendance, county population density, school locale code, or state defined "rural" location. Eligibility for the RLIS program is determined by the percentage of families with income levels below the poverty line and school locale codes.

Performance Measures:  State Accountability System based on the Academic Performance Index, specifically in Reading and Mathematics, according to Federal requirements.

Documented Evidence of Results:  District and site determination of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP); Accountability Action Plan


Tina Dewey, Fiscal Consultant

Last updated on June 26, 2012