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School Bus Driver Certification Classes* and Transportation Forms for Schools

Prior to enrolling in any of the classes, a new or current school bus driver should be hired by an Oklahoma school. Normally, the employing district's transportation director or superintendent will make arrangements for their school bus drivers to enroll in the appropriate certification class. The State Department of Public Safety requires school bus drivers to have a commercial driver license (CDL) with a passenger endorsement. Some of the classes will also be able to assist to in obtaining a CDL. If you need additional school bus driver qualification information, or how to contact a state certified instructor for school bus driver classes, you may call the Student Transportation Section of the State Department of Education at (405) 521-3472.

  • Additional Commerical Driver License (CDL) Endorsement
  • Commerical Driver License (CDL) Class
  • Online School Bus Driver Classes - Ongoing As Needed, Call to Schedule Online Course, 19 Hours Plus 5 Hours On-the-Road Training
    • Kiamichi Technology Center, Talihina Campus - (888) 567-6643 or (918) 567-2264 Instructor: Chris Stone
    • Oklahoma Association for Pupil Transportation, Flexible - Kim Hamilton (405) 514-4606
    • Wes Watkins Technology Center, Wetumka - (405) 452-5500 Instructor: Kevin Winn
  • Professional Development Inservice Four (4) Hour Classes for School Bus Drivers
    As of July 1, 2007, the State Department of Education regulations require Oklahoma certified school bus drivers to attend a minimum of four (4) hours of professional development inservice each year. Local districts, Career Techs, state agencies and professional associations may present classes from the SDE approved list of topics. A class may be presented for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, as desired. Attendance records must be kept by the employing school district.
  • Standard School Bus Driver Certificate Course

Click Here for a List of School Bus Driver Certification Classes

* FOR POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL CLASSES: Call the nearest Career and Technology Center (Tech) or larger Public School (P.S.) Districts close to your area.

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Oklahoma School Districts and Transportation Areas

Some of Oklahoma's school districts only provide education for students through the 6th or the 8th grade. When students are ready to pursue higher grades they may attend the school of their choice, but they can only expect transportation service from the independent district responsible for that "Transportation Area."  A Transportation Area is the area of an elementary district that has been assigned to a nearby independent district for the purpose of providing transportation to the high school age students who live in the elementary district. 

The independent district providing transportation in the Transportation Area is only authorized to transport students who have graduated from the elementary districts highest grade.  Elementary age siblings of the high school student are not eligible for school transportation services to the independent district unless there is an agreement between both schools' boards of education.

The following link is to a site maintained by the Oklahoma University Center for Spatial Analysis.  It provides accurate maps of the school districts in Oklahoma.  Transportation areas can also be found on the map.


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For more information, contact Trent Gibson, Director of Student Transportation, SDE, (405) 521-3472 or Vivian Baber at (405) 522-2232 / fax (405) 522-0682.


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