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REAC3H: Regional Educators Advancing College, Career, and Citizenship readiness Higher

Network Purpose
To provide leadership to Oklahoma schools by creating open communication via REAC3H Summits, by providing technical assistance and resources, and assisting schools in collaboration during transition to a new Teacher and Leader Effectiveness system, statewide reforms, including full implementation of state standards and assessments.

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Documents & Resources


Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) Contact List

District OutREAC3H Network
Cara Combs, Director, (405) 522-3251

State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dr. Janet Barresi, State Superintendent, (405) 521-3301

Lisa Chandler, Assistant State Superintendent, (405) 521-3341

Phil Bacharach, Communications Director, (405) 310-9323

Office of Educational Support
Kerri White, Assistant State Superintendent, (405) 521-4514

Oklahoma Academic Standards
Marsha Thompson, Assistant State Superintendent, Office of Instruction, (405) 522-3521

School Improvement, School Choice and C3 Partnership Schools
Richard Caram, Assistant State Superintendent (405) 522-0496

Student Information
John Kraman, Executive Director, (405) 521-4892

State Department of Education
Joel Robison, Chief of Staff to the State Superintendent, (405) 522-0282

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Last updated on August 8, 2014