Lead District Training Guidelines

Training guidelines for leaders in the REAC3H Network as they host meetings with member districts.

Never Give Up

Hoover Elementary School Principal Karen Heizer says her school achieved it's Blue Ribbon School nomination because of her teaching staff's "never-give-up" attitude. That's to be commended and copied.

Stay Vigilant

A word to parents: Stay vigilant when it comes to what your children are watching on television or viewing on the Internet.

Project WILD Workshops Set for April at Leonardo's in Enid

A Project WILD workshop for classroom teachers, youth group leaders and other educators is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 28 at Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse in Enid.

Videos & Resources

The videos and visual presentations from REAC3H Summit #2 will be located on the REAC3H Website by the end of this week.

Upcoming Videoconferences and Webinars

Look for additional information about Teacher and Leader Effectiveness videoconferences and webinars on the TLE Website.

REAC3H Coordinating District Awards

Congratulations to the REAC3H Coordinating Districts who received a special award at the most recent Summit! These districts were nomiated by participating districts within the local REAC3H Network who wanted to give special recognition for all of the hard work the Coordinating Districts have done. We wanted to share what other districts are saying about these REAC3H Coordinating Districts.


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