Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Mini Grant

2014 Mini Grant MSP Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Partnership Program

Application and RFP

Please be sure to open forms in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, not a web browser, to save form.  All forms are editable to fill out electronically.

Important Dates

  • April 2 - May 1
    Packet Submission Window open
  • May 1 
    Packet of Intent deadline
  • May 5-14
    Pitch Days - Completed Proposal due
  • May 22
    Grant Awards announced
  • June 19
    MSP Mini Collaboration Event at the OSDE
  • July 1
    Grant Cycle begins
  • September 30
    Award Funds must be encumbered
  • December 5
    Claims for Award Funds must be submitted to the OSDE
  • January 31, 2015
    Annual Performance Report due


The Competetive MSP Mini Grant is back! The OSDE Math and Science Partnership Team is extremely excited to annouce a one time math and science professional development opportunity to Oklahoma school districts for 2014!

The Competetive MSP Mini Grant is funded by unused Federal dollars that have been left over from the main MSP Grant cycle. These funds are now in jeopardy of expiring by the end of 2014. Due to the nature of this "one time" funding, very important dates have been listed and are found on this page as well as in the RFP.  

Oklahoma school districts, who qualify under the provisions of the MSP Grant guidleines, can now apply for a MSP Mini Grant by submitting a Packet of Intent on or before the May 1 deadline.  Once the submitted Packet of Intent is reviewed and qualified by the evaluation team, applicants will have the opportunity to come and "pitch" their proposals in person while also submitting the Completed Proposal that same day!  All grants can not exceed $40,000 per applying program. Click on the links to the right to begin applying today!  



If you are one of the nine (9) 2013 MSP Grant Awarded LEAs that will be conducting PD workshops this summer, your district will not be eligible to apply as the lead LEA for the Mini Grant cycle, but can participate as a partner school to another LEA.





















Last updated on April 8, 2014