Long-Term Substitutes in Special Education

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Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE), Special Education Services (SES), has entered into a contract with LRP Publications to provide online training through DirectSTEP® Courses for long-term substitutes filling vacancies in special education classrooms.

Special education teachers who are alternatively certified may also complete the online training.

In-Service Training for Long-Term Substitutes

Oklahoma Statute 70 O.S. § 6-105 states that “…Beginning with the 2007-08 school year, any substitute teacher employed to teach special education for the same assignment for more than fifteen (15) consecutive days or thirty (30) total school days  during a school year  who does not  hold a valid certificate to teach special education shall be required to complete in-service training as prescribed by the State Board of Education.  The training shall be provided at no cost to the substitute teacher…”

When  a  LEA  employs  a  long-term  substitute  in  a  special  education  position, the school official must contact our office and provide the substitute’s full name, and e-mail address to Ms. Tina Spence, Coordinator. Once that information is received in our office, Ms. Spence will assign the individual to the modules.

Upon successful completion of all four modules, a letter of completion will be issued from the OSDE-SES to the substitute and emailed directly to the substitute. Space is limited; therefore, no assignments will be made until the individual is hired for the position of long-term substitute (i.e., individuals may not be signed up prior to being employed as a long-term substitute).

For more information about the long-term substitute training or to have a substitute or alternatively certified special education teacher assigned to an online module, please contact Ms. Tina Spence, at (405) 521-4877 or by e-mail at Tina.Spence@sde.ok.gov.


DirectSTEP® Training Courses

OSDE-SES has purchased from LRP Publications the following DirectSTEP® training courses. These user-friendly Web-based training is designed to offer you professional development that meets your busy schedule:

  • 300400.U1M2 - Paraeducators’ Responsibilities for Confidentiality, Professionalism and Ethics;
  • 300400.U3M1 - Disability Overview: Categories, Terminology and Appropriate Interactions;
  • 300400.U6M1 - Discipline Policies and Plans for Students with Disabilities; and
  • 300400.U8M2 - What Paraeducators Should Know About First Aid, Administering Medication.

If you have any questions, please contact your DirectSTEP® system administrators, Ms. Tina Spence, at (405) 521-4877 or by e-mail at Tina.Spence@sde.ok.gov


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Last updated on June 23, 2015