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  1. What is the mission of the REAC3H Coach initiative?
  2. Why REAC3H Coaches?
  3. What knowledge is required to be a REAC3H Coach?
  4. What makes a great REAC3H Coach?
  5. How do REAC3H Coaches meet the needs of districts and school sites?
  6. Are REAC3H  Coaches required to use technology?
  7. Who benefits from the Coaches?
  8. Who supervises the REAC3H Coaches?
  9. When do the coaches’ contract begin?
  10. Who serves as the OSDE REAC3H Coaches’ supervisor and contact?


1.  Question:  What is the mission of the REAC3H Coach initiative?

The mission is for third-graders to read on grade level before being promoted to fourth grade. Early intervention in prekindergarten, kindergarten and first grade is the key to grade-level reading by third grade.


2.  Question:  Why REAC3H Coaches?

The Oklahoma State Department of Education provides REAC3H Coaches  to school districts to assist in achieving graduation for third grade students, per the Reading Sufficiency Act.


3. Question: What knowledge is required to be a REAC3H Coach?

REAC3H Coaches must have knowledge of the Reading Sufficiency Act and the instructional practices for the five components of reading. They will help teachers to understand assessment data and make instructional decisions that will benefit students individually. The candidate should possess adequate knowledge of formative, diagnostic and summative reading assessments, understand the timeframe for academic assessments for students throughout the state, and be able to articulate this information to district constituents. The coach also must be able to direct district personnel to the right OSDE department for questions about other reforms.


4.  Question:  What makes a great REAC3H Coach?

REAC3H Coaches possess a ‘service oriented’ work ethic that demonstrates willingness to work in close collaboration with numerous district superintendents, principals and teachers of reading pre-k through third, the executive director of literacy, early childhood director, RSA director, the assistant state superintendent of the office of Instruction and the superintendent of public instruction.  REAC3H Coaches are self-starters. Meeting district needs is a timely process, requiring patience and understanding on the part of the REAC3H Coach. 


5.  Question:  How do REAC3H Coaches meet the needs of districts and school sites?

REAC3H Coaches travel to districts within an assigned region. Each REAC3H Coach will provide appropriate and timely information to district constituents through the following methods: phone calls, emails, listserv items, memorandums, professionally written letters and teacher professional development. REAC3H Coaches must have the skills to present to large audiences and knowledge of effective distribution of information to schools through such avenues as creating and implementing video conference workshops, webinars, one-on-one district service trainings, and professional development and impartial manner. 


6.  Question:   Are REAC3H  Coaches required to use technology?

REAC3H Coaches must possess adequate skills in utilizing technology, especially when performing various projects that require use of computers, laptops, SmartBoards, etc. The person selected for this position should be able to create appropriate forms addressing requirements of projects performed. Therefore, high-level professionalism in communication skills is required. 


7.  Question:  What are some examples of REAC3H  Coach work duties?

REAC3H Coaches provide site-based professional development to staff that is aligned to the needs of students based upon student assessment data. They assist administration and classroom teachers in the interpretation of student assessment data to make instructional decisions. They assist in the implementation of a plan to actively involve parents/guardians in improving their children’s skills in literacy. They assist in coordinating and monitoring intervention services to identified students. They collaborate with individual teachers or teams of teachers through co-planning, co-teaching, modeling, coaching, and providing professional development. The Coach will assist districts in effectively implementing every phase of the Reading Sufficiency Act. They promote teachers’ delivery and understanding of the Oklahoma Academic Standards through collaborative long-range and short-range planning. They facilitate teachers’ use of successful, research-based instructional strategies, including differentiated instruction for diverse learners. They observe teacher practice and provide feedback to individual teachers related to the improvement of effective instructional strategies.


8.  Question:  Who benefits from the Coaches?

All Districts in the state benefit from the services of the REAC3H Coaches. The REAC3H Coaches serve 951 sites throughout the state, prekindergarten through third grade. 


9.  Question:  Who supervises the REAC3H Coaches?

The Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Office of Instruction provides personnel that serve in the position of supervising and evaluating the REAC3H Coaches while on the job. All District leadership is encouraged to offer input to supervisors at OSDE.


10.  Question: When do the coaches’ contract begin?

The coaches began a 12-month contract on July 1, 2013. They participate in extensive training provided by OSDE, which began in the fall of FY2013; they continue training as designated throughout the year.


11.  Question: Who serves as the OSDE REAC3H Coaches’ supervisor and contact?

Teri Brecheen, Executive Director of Literacy, OSDE, (405) 521-2537












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Last updated on August 1, 2013