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2014 Report Card Guide

The 2014 A–F Report Card Technical Guide is now available for district review. The purpose of this guide is to describe in detail the specifics of how each component of the report card is calculated and to allow districts to replicate the calculation for their own schools. An A – F Report Card guide that is targeted for educators, parents, and other stakeholders is currently in development and is expected to be released shortly.

2014 A–F Report Card Technical Guide


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September 2013 Presentation on the Changes to the A-F Report Card

View the presentation slides. (PDF)


About A-F Report Cards

In 2011, the Oklahoma Legislature adopted an A-F School Grading System to provide incentives to schools for challenging all students to reach high levels of college and career readiness. The A-F report cards make school performance clear in a transparent manner easily communicated to the public.

The report cards also give schools a tool to encourage more parental and community involvement. It’s just common sense that schools with higher levels of parent and community involvement have a better chance of succeeding. When parents and community members have a clear understanding of school performance, they can also help in tangible ways.

Schools will still be accountable for helping their children meet grade-level performance standards, but the grading system also adds the dimension of allowing a school to show academic growth. A school’s grade also includes factors such as graduation and dropout rates, and attendance rates for elementary schools. 

Perhaps most importantly, the A-F grading system replaces past systems that were too complicated for most parents to understand. With this important reform, we’re empowering everyone — whether school administrators, parents, classroom teachers or citizens — to make informed choices and to identify ways to strengthen and improve all of our schools for the benefit of each student in Oklahoma.

Administrative Rules

After review and consideration of public comments, the following rules were adopted by the State Board of Education on March 28, 2013, and have been submitted for gubernatorial and legislative review.

210:10-13-22.  Implementation of a system of school improvement and accountability [AMENDED] ("A-F")







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