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This page is designed for English Language Arts teachers seeking information and support. Use the directory below to navigate. Feedback is always appreciated. If you identify a need or have comments/suggestions, please email Josh Flores, the Director of English Language Arts, at josh.flores@sde.ok.gov.


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   Oklahoma Academic Standards

   for English Language Arts


   Current ELA Standards: P.A.S.S. standards
   New ELA Standards (beginning in the Fall of the 2014-2015 school year): 
   For more information, visit the Oklahoma Academic Standards page.


    REAC3H Regional Professional Development


    The Office of Instruction and Curriculum is currently on tour! Coming soon to your region, free professional development, provided by the Directors of Instruction and Curriculum, can be found by visiting http://www.reac3hregionalpd.eventbrite.com/.
    Prior to attending, participants are encouraged to read the upcoming Oklahoma Academic Standards for their grade level.
    Sessions for English Language Arts teachers are BYOD-friendly.
    For more information, contact Cara Combs, Director of District OutREAC3H Network, at Cara.Combs@sde.ok.gov or call 1 (405) 522-3251 or visit the REAC3H Network page.


       RSA (Reading Sufficiency Act)


       The purpose of the Reading Sufficiency Law is to ensure that each child attains
       the necessary reading skills by completion of third grade which will enable that  
       student to continue development of reading skills and to succeed throughout
       school and life. 
       For more information, visit the RSA page, email RSA@sde.ok.gov or contact Michele Sprague, Director of Literacy and RSA at Michele.Sprague@sde.ok.gov.


    Early Childhood Education


    Supporting families and students from birth to 3rd grade, for more information, visit the Early Childhood and Family Education page or contact Kayla Hindman, Director of Early Childhood and Family Education, at Kayla.Hindman@sde.ok.gov



    Josh Flores
    Director of English Language Arts
    Office of Instruction
    Oklahoma State Department of Education
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