Supt. Hofmeister honors students, educators at 25th annual Arts Awards


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 5, 2015) - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister helped present awards recently to more than 120 students and educators at the 25th annual Superintendent Awards for Arts Excellence. Held April 23 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie, the event is an opportunity to recognize high school juniors and seniors and arts educators who have achieved excellence in the arts.

Supt. Hofmeister comments on teachers listening tour report


OKLAHOMA CITY (May 4) — State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister today made the following remarks on the Teachers Matter Listening Tour Report. Conducted by Stand for Children Oklahoma, the report details problems facing teachers across the state.

OKTOY Blog: Make instruction relatable

Albert Einstein
 It is in fact nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.
   –Albert Einstein

Hofmeister praises newly signed law addressing teacher shortage


OKLAHOMA CITY (April 21, 2015) — State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister praised Gov. Mary Fallin today for signing legislation aimed at alleviating the teacher shortage.

OKTOY Blog: Focus on the basics

 Don’t make the mistake of dropping material from your testing regime once you’ve gotten it correct a couple of times. If it’s important, it needs to be practiced, and practiced again. And don’t put stock in momentary gains that result from massed practice. Space your testing, vary your practice, keep the long view.

ELEVATE: OKCPS students volunteer to do taxes

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