Assessment Technology

Welcome to the new assessment technology web page. This page will provide technology specifications for state testing as well as the readiness of all school districts for Spring 2014 testing.

District Readiness for Spring 2014 Assessments

To prepare for the 2014 Spring Assessments, districts were asked to complete three initial steps:

  1. Complete the CTB Registration and Technology Survey (RTS)
  2. Participate in the Janaury 28th CTB/Measured Progress Statewide Stress Test
  3. Complete the CTB Feedback Form detailing any issues that appeared during the stress test

District who did not fully participate are as follows:

Districts who are considered "High Risk" or "Moderate Risk" based on readiness results:

  • 0 High Risk Districts
  • 0 Moderate Risk Districts

This daily CTB report provides the details of all districts' readiness for the Spring 2014 assessments. The initial report and the most recent report are provided below:


Assessment Technology Specifications

For Spring 2014 assessments there will be three testing applications/clients.

  1. CTB Standard TDC Client: used for all operational 3-8 tests; all EOI operational tests; and English II and English III item tryouts
  2. CTB Technology Enhanced (TE) Transitional Client: used for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry item tryouts
  3. Measured Progress Client: used for 3-8 OCCRA item tryouts

This chart details the technology specifications for each of these three clients: Spring 2014 Technology Specifications

If you have any questions about the data presented on this page, contact Kurt Bernhardt at

Last updated on July 9, 2014