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Out-of-State AP Summer Institutes (APSI)

At this point, there is no funding for out-of-state APSIs.  Check back to see if funding has become available or join the AP Listserv to have information sent directly to you.


AP Coordinator Listserv

AP Teacher Listserv

Professional Development during the School year

One- and Two-day workshops will not be offered in Oklahoma during the 2013-14 School year.  College Board's Southwestern Regional Office does offer workshops outside of Oklahoma.  The State Department of Education will reimburse participants or their districts for the cost of the registration fee.  Travel and housing will have to be paid by the participants or their districts.

Procedure for registration and reimbursement:

  1. Choose and register for workshop.

  2. Pay for workshop.  Keep a copy of workshop invoice/receipt.

  3. Attend workshop and receive attendance certificate.

  4. Complete Vendor Payee Form.  (If a school district is requesting reimbursement, use the Tax ID# rather than SSN.)

  5. Fax the three pieces of paper (receipt, certificate and form) to 405-521-2971 or email them to  Reimbursement takes 30 to 45 days from the date of receipt of complete paperwork.

  6. Deadline for submission of reimbursement paperwork is June 28, 2014

This procedure also applies to any online workshops you might want to take. 

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Last updated on February 17, 2014