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Moore Norman Technology Center ● Penn Campus

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

April 3, 2009 ● 10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Full Council Regular Meeting / Strategic Planning

Council Members Present:

Milissa Gofourth, Marilyn Burr, Tim Parrish, Hailey Mathis, Sue Williams, Tammie Jones, Kathleen Kennedy, Sabrina Ware, Jon Ringlero, Glenda Farnum, Amy Salmon, Katrina Shaklee

Council Members Not Present:

Anita Eccard, Cindy Gallup, Sterling Krysler, Nancy Garner, Doug MacMillan, Jr. and Mike O’Brien

Others Attending:

Syedah Islam-DRS VR Administrator, Jane Nelson-DRS VS Administrator, Jean Jones-DRS Legislative Liaison, Mark Kinnison-DRS VS Field Coordinator, LaGena Elmore-DRS Practicum Student, Ray Turner-DRS Minority Outreach Project Coordinator, Wayne Pamplin-DRS VR Field Coordinator, Kim Osmani-DRS Transition Coordinator and Larry Bishop-DRS Policy Development & Program Standards Unit.

Council Support:

Theresa Hamrick, Program Manager

Linda Jaco, Director of Sponsored Programs, OSU Seretean Wellness Center


Call to Order/Roll Call

A Quorum was established – 8 voting members present.

Introduction of members and guests attending today’s meeting.

Consumer Comments/Announcements:

Syedah Islam and Jane Nelson, DRS Division Administrators informed the ORC that Mike O’Brien has been meeting with staff to discuss the spending of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) known as the Stimulus funds.  In order for Oklahoma to receive the funds the State Legislature must not cut the DRS budget by more than 1%.  The ARRA funds will allow DRS to open all priority groups and expand services to under served and un-served populations including high school students in transition. 

Chair, Milissa Gofourth

Milissa explained the reason the ORC is having it’s 2010 Strategic Planning meeting so early was due to the time table that it needed to meet deadlines for DRS State Plan.  Deadlines for the various state plan sections had to be submitted prior to April 27th to be ready for public comments and the public hearings scheduled for May 4-6th.  Final draft is due to the Commission Assistant by May 28th to be ready for the Commissioners to consider at their June 8th meeting.   The final state plan will be submitted to RSA no later than June 30, 2009 close of business day.

1.  Committee Breakouts:

Each committee worked on their section to update and create new goals for ORC strategic plan.  These sections of the strategic plan will be submitted to DRS for their state plan as Attachment 4.2(c) Input of the State Rehabilitation Council.

DRS’s liaisons attended their respective committee meeting.  Kim, Syedah and Wayne were involved with the Transition and Employment committee, Jane and Theresa were involved with the Program and Planning committee and Jean and Linda participated with the Policy and Legislation.  Larry split his time between the Policy and Legislation and the Program and Planning committees. 

All committees were instructed to delete, revise, or create goals for their section.  Any goals or tasks that have become regular activities will be moved to a new section called “Activities”.  These will be ongoing activities that each committee will continue to do yearly or as needed.  The goals will be submitted to DRS as ORC’s submission for Section 4.2 (c) for their State Plan.

Recess for lunch – members continued to network during the lunch break.   

Committee Reports          

  • Transition & Employment – Milissa Gofourth was acting chair of the committee in absence of Anita Eccard.
    • Many of their items were moved to the “Activities” list.  Several new goals were created.
  • Policy & Legislative – Glenda Farnum
    • Most of committee’s work were deemed routine and were moved to the “Activities” list.  One new goal was developed which will require immense time and effort for this committee. 
  • Planning & Program Evaluation – Marilyn Burr
    • Several activities were kept and revised and several new goals were created. 

Committees reconvened and discussed their changes and new goals with the full council.  Committee chairs were given a  deadline to have revisions to Theresa by Friday, April 10th so that the strategic plan could be updated, sent to the council for final approval by April 17th and all comments returned to Theresa by April 23rd, final documents will be submitted to DRS by April 24th.       

2.   Other Business:

Members were reminded that we need to fill the vacancy of a representative from the Mental Health area.  If you have names, please submit them.

3.   Action Items:


4.   New Business


Adjourn:  Motion to adjourn – Marilyn Burr, 2nd – Tim Parrish, Motion passed.