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Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council

Moore Norman Technology Center
SW 134th & Penn, Oklahoma City, OK
April 8, 2010, 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Strategic Planning Meeting

Members Present: Milissa Gofourth – Chair, Sterling Krysler – Vice Chair, Marilyn Burr, Glenda Farnum, Cindy Gallup, Nancy Garner, Tammie Jones, Kathleen Kennedy, Jacki Millspaugh, Tim Parrish, Jon Ringlero, Perry Sanders and Sabrina Ware

Members Absent:  Doug MacMillan, Jr., Hailey Mathis, Mike O’Brien, Amy Salmon, Sue Williams

Others Present: Melinda Fruendt, DRS VR Projectors Coordinator;  Kim Osmani, Transition Coordinator, Mark Kinnison, VS Field Coordinator, Connie Lake, OK State Regents for High Education, Jane Nelson, DRS VS Division Administrator .

Council Support: Theresa Hamrick, ORC Programs Manager, Linda Jaco – Director of Sponsored Programs, OSU-Seretean Wellness Center, Kathleen Reed, DRS Commission Assistant/ORC Support

Call to order and Roll Call:  Meeting called to order at 9:30 am, roll called and quorum established by Milissa Gofourth, Chairperson.

Welcome and Introductions:  

Welcome by the Chairperson and everyone introduced. The Strategic Plan is the road map to the next fiscal year.   ORC partners with the agency in the development of their State Plan.  ORC has an attachment in the state plan which is our strategic plan.  DRS Director O’Brien could not be present today, but has two issues he would like the ORC to focus on: 1) Impact Quality Customer Service 2) Presumed eligibility issues – the roll of the Counselor.

Ms. Osmani – One of the things that takes place tomorrow is the Oklahoma Family Planning Network Joining Forces Conference – each of the agency on this committee was charged with coming up with a topic that they wanted to involve families in over the next year.  Transition sees a difficulty with having children with disabilities placed in a job, because parents do not want their checks reduced. The parents do not see the benefits of putting these kids to work.  What part can the ORC play in this issue? Can the ORC offer trainings?

Mr. Krysler – Technology is critical. Oklahoma is not the top state regarding technology.   However, the whole environment related to jobs is changing. ORC needs to support DRS regarding technology issues.

Ms. Gofourth - Direction is for each committee is to answer: What can the ORC do to impact the agency in the next fiscal year? 

Committee Strategic Planning (Breakout by Committee)

Transition & Employment – Kim Osmani, Liaison, Milissa Gofourth, Facilitator

Policy & Legislative – Linda Jaco, Facilitator

Planning & Program Evaluation – Melinda Fruendt, Liaison, Theresa Hamrick, Facilitator

Each Committee will review their portion of the ORC FY2010 activities and work on FY2011 Goals and Objectives.  Ms. Hamrick and Ms. Gofourth will compile all information and draft sent out to ORC members for review.  Turnaround time will be very short due to DRS time frames for the submission of the State Plan.

Planning & Programming – Marilyn Burr

Overview of FY2010 - All tasks have been completed. The tracking instruments have taken all year to complete but these will be useful tools to clients and their families.

For FY2011 – Theresa Hamrick

  • Produce a video for clients to learn how to write their own IPE and explain the planning process.  Provide information on the counselor’s role and the client’s role.  The Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) will be invited to partner on this objective with maybe some consumer talent.  OK Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) has shown an interested in this project.  Director O’Brien wanted Customer Service addressed and liked the idea of clients to learn to write their own IPE.
  • Facilitation the creation of a MOU between DRS and the VA’s. The agency does not currently have a MOU with the VA but is working on it.  There is national support to have MOUs between DRS and VA.
  • Assistive Technology.   Have the ORC look at some Transaction Lean Processes regarding AT. OU and UCO have teams that to assist with this study to find the most efficient processes.  The referral process and AT purchases will be the focus of study.  Example, the average computer purchase could be streamlines and possibly the average screen reader system. 

Question: How is ORC going to get agency AT buy-in since we have been waiting so long as it is for Director O’Brien to determine which direction he wants to go with AT?  This is the overall goal, no detail have been designed.  We would hope this would fit into their AT process systems.

Suggestion: Bring in a neutral provider to help build an evaluation team made up of representatives from stakeholders involve in the two processes to be evaluated, and look for way to be more efficient for the consumer. 

Explanation: ORC is would request by-in from the DRS AT staff.  So little AT has been purchased and utilized for clients to the degree needed. Director O’Brien is very AT savvy himself and his input would be sought on this process.    

  • VS Train the Trainer Program – ORC could partner with the Agency to enhance this program by assisting with curriculum development, providing CEUs, creating an evaluation process in an effort to know individual skill levels.  Individuals should be encouraged to continue increasing their education, skill level to grow as trainers.
  • Consumer Success Stories – create a short video that can be available on the ORC website or be sent out to staff to assist a counselor and consumer on the utilization and value of these forms.  Consumer could be invited to share their story to the DRS Commission Meetings. 
  • Create a short webinar to provide great understanding for counselors to determine eligibility when receiving Social Security SSI/SSDI and use of the DHS database system confirming receipt of benefits.  The HR Development Unit is expanding trainings for Programs Managers and counselors. This webinar could be included.  Discussion regarding the AWARE system capability of being used to identify presumption of eligibility will be researched. 

Policy & Legislative Committee – Glenda Farnum

Overview FY 2010 - ORC participated in:

  • Disability Awareness Day
  • Public Comments for DRS Policy
  • Represent ORC at the DRS Policy Public Forums
  • One objective not yet completed, the Advocacy Conference scheduled for Sept. 10, 2010.

For FY2011

  • A second Advocacy Conference in FY2011 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The proposal is to have 2 Tracks: 

- Track for Basic Training for those who did not attend this year’s conference.

- Track for Piece of Legislation to be prepared to go to the Legislature

Transition & Employment Committee – Milissa Gofourth

Overview FY2010 – There were Objectives and Goals that ORC was not able to complete as they were not in the scope of ORC.

  • Resource Flow Chart to be utilized to disseminate a various resource list. This will help/educate parents on how to do what as their child’s needs change and move forward. On the flip side there will be a quick resource list – a toll free number and/or a website.  This is still in progress.

For FY2011 –

  • Review the last 3 years of the State Department of Education Child Count data so that ORC can study trends.  Child Count is enrollment in Special Education in the public schools so data will be shown by grade, by disability, by age so there will be trends in these different categories.  ORC will use this data to report back to the agency on how these trends will impact their providers, their counselors and everybody, and how can we support the people that are coming up into the system.
  • To partner with the agency to conduct focus groups to review, analyze, and make recommendations for best practice tool for streamlining the process.  It will be more like a research and analyze year.  Have the focus groups to find the best practices in the field.  Example:  Nancy Hurst and Terry Berryman are doing new employee academy and they are going to teach application and initial interview.
  • Provide copies of the ‘Keeping Track of Your Progress” tracking document to encourage the agency to affectively disseminate this document to the various populations – parent groups, providers, public, Transitional groups.
  • Invite DRS Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Representatives and WIB

Directors to the ORC meetings to let them report what services and activities they are using to accomplish the task of employing people with disabilities. What the local WIBs are doing, what the DRS WIB Representative are doing, and what can ORC do to help to move forward with employment of people with disabilities.

  • Provide a Webinar for people/professionals who work with students with disabilities to inform them of the process of transition.   

Adjourn Full Council:  Motion to adjourn - Tim Parrish, 2nd by Perry Sanders.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. Next ORC Quarterly meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2010 DRS State Office, 2nd floor Conference Room, 9:30am to 3pm.