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Informed Choice In the Oklahoma Vocational Rehabilitation Process

Resource List

For Information…

  • Contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) 800-522-8224 ● V/TDD 405-521-6706 ● Fax 405-522-6695 cap@odc.ok.gov  about questions or assistance with the Department of Rehabilitation Services including the appeals process…
  • Contact the DBTAC: ADA Resource Center 800-949-4232 ● V/TTY 713-520-0232 ● swdbtac@ilru.org about the Americans with Disabilities Act…
  • Contact Oklahoma ABLE Tech 800-257-1705 ● www.ok.gov/abletech about assistive technology or low interest loans…
  • Contact Job Accommodations Network ● www.jan.wvu.edu about job accommodations…
  • Contact Adult Protective Services with DHS ● 800-522-3511 about reporting abuse or neglect …
  • Contact Local Centers for Independent Living
  • Contact the Area Work Incentives Coordinator ● 866-931-7110 about how working will affect your Social Security or government benefits…
  • Research the Disability Resource Guide ● http://www.okrehab.org/guide/indexmanual.html about other disability resources across the State of Oklahoma…
  • Contact the Office of Disability Concerns 405-521-3756 ● 800-522-8224 ● www.odc.ok.gov about resolving problem, other resources, technical assistance, ADA information, Social Security information, employment development…
  • Find your local Statewide Workforce Center  ● www.workforceok.org 
  • Contact the Oklahoma Parents Center  405-379-6015 or 877-553-4332 ● www.oklahomaparentscenter.org about information for parents and student rights, IDEA and special education…
  • Contact the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council 800-569-7974 ● www.okrehabcouncil.org about consumer education, empowerment and advocacy…

You have the Right to make informed choice throughout your Vocational Rehabilitation process.   You can discuss your concerns with the Counselor or Office Supervisor at any time. You can discuss your concerns or questions with a representative from the Client Assistance Program at 800-522-8224 or 405-521-3756 or cap@odc.ok.gov (for steps in your informed choice, see other side).

For more information…

Call or visit your Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services DRS office in your area.  If you do not know where your office is or if you are unable to go there, call 800-847-4042 to locate the office in your area.  You may speak with a representative between: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday (except state holidays).  Visit the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services website at www.okrehab.org.

  • Application and Eligibility Determination for DRS Services

Eligibility: You are eligible if your disability limits you from getting or keeping a job that uses your skills and abilities AND you require DRS services to learn how to adjust to your functional limitations so you are able to work.

Order of Selection: Because of limited funding, DRS assists people with the most severe disabilities first. After an assessment is completed you will be informed if you are eligible and if you meet the order of selection.

Your Choices: Bring your disability information to DRS or sign a release of information form so DRS can get your disability records. If you do not have complete or current disability information, ask DRS to provide a disability evaluation.    Timeframe: 60 days from receipt of application

  • Gathering Information about Your Disability and Jobs

Questions to Answer: How can limitations caused by the disability be addressed? Do you know what types of jobs match your skills and abilities? If you receive Social Security, will your job goal pay you enough money to replace your benefits?  Do you need your disability assessed by an expert who can answer your questions?

Your Choices: Work with your DRS counselor to find the answers. Meet with a DRS Benefit Planner to determine how work might affect your government benefits. You may ask that your case be closed if do not feel the benefits of working outweigh the risk of losing your government benefits.

  • Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)

The IPE lists the services you will receive from DRS and YOUR CONTRIBUTION to the plan:

You and the counselor need to agree on your job goal and what you need to do together to help you reach your job goal.  You should keep your IPE in a file with all other correspondence from DRS and anything you provide to DRS.    

Questions to Answer: What will you need to address the limitations of your disability? (e.g. adaptive aids, training for adaptive aids, career assessment). What are your needs to learn the skills for your job? (e.g., attend school, training program, on the job training).  With job search assistance, are you ready to go to work? Do you need new assessments to answer these questions?

Your Choices: Write your IPE with your counselor. You can ask other people to help with this process. Select the service providers needed in your plan. 
Timeframe: 90 days from notification of eligibility. 

  • Employment and Follow Up - Looking for a Job:

You are ready to apply for jobs. Do you know how to use community resources to be able to find a job? Do you need help from a Job Placement Specialist to assist you find a job and prepare for interviews?

Your Choices: Once you get a job, you can extend the 90 day follow up period if you are having problems on the new job.

If you have problems learning your new job or have any issues or concerns involving your new job, please contact your counselor immediately.

  • Case Closure–When DRS Services End:

Typical Reasons to Close your Case:  

  • DRS will close your case after you and your counselor discuss ending your DRS services.
  • You are working and satisfied with your job and no longer need DRS services.
  • Your disability or personal problems are keeping you from working with DRS at this time.
  • If you fail to cooperate and don’t follow through with services.
  • If your counselor cannot locate you.
  • You request your case be closed.

Timeframe: 90 days typically after you begin work

Your Choices:

  • You are satisfied with case closure and don’t need any additional DRS services at this time.
  • You can reapply to DRS for services at any time in the future when/if your situation changes.
  • You can discuss your concerns with the counselor or office supervisor.

Revised Date 2-2010                                                                                                                                                         

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services                                                                                  
Director, Mike O’Brien, Ed.D.